Our Story

Who We Are

We believe that buying décor for your educational space should be fun and easy. It should leave you happy and feeling good about the lessons your walls are teaching. There is nothing complicated about it. Better messages, better outcomes.

The problem we saw was simple. The posters we were seeing in schools were outdated.  Like…really outdated. What was the deal? It turns out there was a simple explanation. The K-12 poster space is dominated by a few large corporations that offer very few poster options.  Printing and warehousing hundreds of posters is expensive. We get it…

That is why we created SchoolPosters.com.

We do not inventory our posters. Therefore, we are not committed to the same old messages, over and over again.  Our model allows us to design posters with today’s messages, print them, and get them to you quickly.

Your media can be powerful! However, when it is old and outdated it gets ignored. Stop being ignored. Bring attention back to your walls. The next time you are looking for a poster on a hot topic, look here first.  Chances are we beat the other companies to the punch.

Take a look around your space. Envision a change. Find your message.

Designed & Printed In The USA